Jenni Doering

Dengue, Zika and chikungunya viruses are spread by the Aedes species of mosquito, like the Aedes albopictus pictured here

An unlikely hero could help in the fight against deadly mosquito-borne disease


In a breakthrough study, scientists released mosquitoes infected with a special kind of bacteria into an Indonesian city and saw a 77% drop in dengue cases.

Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve

Federal judge blocks major Alaskan drilling project

Clear-cut forest near Eugene, Oregon

‘Finding the Mother Tree’ explores the intricate communication networks within a forest

mayor pete

With eyes on the presidency, Mayor Pete seeks a ‘generational alliance’ to tackle climate change


Book tells story ‘most famous man most of us have never heard of’

Under a new carbon offset program that is gaining popularity in Congress, oil and gas companies — and other manufacturers of products involving — fossil fuel would have to pay $40 for every ton of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

New carbon offset program may have the bipartisan support it needs on Capitol Hill


After years of having difficulty passing legislation relating to greenhouse gas emissions, a group consisting of both Democrats and Republicans believe they have a plan that can make their constituents happy.

Growing high tides have turned this photo — taken from Pompano Beach, Florida, after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 — into a regular occurrence along the U.S. coastlines.

New report forecasts a troubling picture of rising tides, frequent flooding on coasts

Climate Change

Some Americans think major flooding will not affect the country until decades from now. A recent report says major implications may be arriving much sooner.

Lava and basalt

Could lava one day be used to store excess CO2?


Lava that has cooled into black, bubbly basalt might one day jump into action to help fight one of humanity’s biggest challenges: rising levels of carbon dioxide.

Nantucket erosion aerial

Nantucket’s bluffs and beaches are crumbling in the face of storms and rising seas


On Nantucket, homeowners are funding an extensive engineering project to save their houses from sliding into the sea. But no one knows how long the homes and the entire island can resist the forces of the sea and climate change.

Leaded gas sign

EPA budget cuts threaten programs to reduce kids’ exposure to lead paint


The Trump administration’s budget eliminates programs that help reduce the risks of lead paint exposure in children, alarming doctors and other public health advocates.