Greg Brosnan

On Location video: Rootin’ for Putin on Ukraine’s eastern edge


The other protest movement.

60 Seconds on Earth: This is what Kyiv’s Maidan looks like now

The stabbing of a pro-Ukraine supporter in Donetsk has forced the movement off the streets

Why eastern Ukraine fears the new regime in Kyiv: A fisherman’s tale (VIDEO)

Two minutes with the ‘real’ Jon Snow (at the real Winterfell)


On Location Video: Northern Ireland trades The Troubles for Game of Thrones


Northern Ireland is now in the grip of a new story of politics and violence. Kingsroad, the Dothraki plains, Castle Black and Winterfell are all just a short drive apart here.

60 Seconds on Earth: The battle of Bannockburn, the original Scottish independence referendum


If there was an award for Most Passionate Historical Re-enactment, it would probably go to these guys.

Everything you need to know about Scotland’s decision on leaving the UK, in 6 minutes (VIDEO)

Scotland’s independence debate is remarkably civil, for now. Will that last through referendum day?