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St. Paul and St. Andrew is located on West 86th street, in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

New York City is trying to turn houses of worship into shelters


Fifty churches, synagogues, mosques and temples in New York City will start housing nearly 1,000 migrant men. The new plan announced by Mayor Eric Adams means the city will pay houses of worship to have beds, showers and dining areas, filling in the desperate need to provide shelter as more migrants keep arriving. The announcement comes as religious affiliation in the US is down, even among Latinos.

Paul Moposita (wearing blue tracksuit), his daughter Sisa and some of the members of Mugre Sur, a band he started more than 20 years ago. 

Ecuadorian group creates political hip-hop with bunnies and clowns

Planet Hip Hop
The capital Quito is the city in Ecuador that has received the biggest numbers of Venezuelan migrants. 

As Ecuador’s political crisis deepens, Venezuelan LGBTQ migrants feel the pain

Urchin perch on live coral (left) with fossil coral, the foundation of the live reef, in the foreground, live reef in the background.

Galapagos discovery offers clues to climate impact on deep-sea corals

Climate Change
Half Moon Bay is a famous beach in Antigua and Barbuda that is now covered sargassum, a type of large, brown floating seaweed.

Caribbean summer forecast: high chance of sargassum

The view from the Emerald Line commuter rail, which follows the Pinheiros river and ends at Vila Natal, one of the enclaves of Venezuelan migrants in São Paulo.

‘We have to fight’: Venezuelan women lead migration to Brazil


Yoselin Calcurian, 35, is among some 400,000 Venezuelans who went to Brazil, fleeing economic collapse and political chaos. She and many others say they are now struggling to find jobs and learn a new language.

The new reception center at a cruise terminal on the Brooklyn waterfront will house 1,000 migrant men until May 1, when cruise ships will be back.

New York City struggles to accommodate new migrants


A controversial housing dispute this week reveals a deep strain on the intake system for migrants. 

One of the main dishes at The Pork House includes a crunchy roasted pork with beans and fresh vegetables and is paired with the Brazilian national drink: caipirinha. 

Pork paradigm shift: This high-end São Paulo restaurant features pig ears and tails


In Brazil, eating pork used to have negative connotations. But A Casa do Porco, or The Pork’s House, in downtown São Paulo, has transformed pork into a gourmet food, kicking off a culinary trend throughout the country.

Paula’s garden is filled with trees and plants that he considers sacred. 

‘Art is the answer to all this’: This Brazilian artist went from fighting fires to uplifting Black portraiture

Arts, Culture & Media

Growing up in Brazil as a Black man, Dalton Paula said he missed seeing people who looked like him on movies and TV. At 40, he now creates paintings, photos and installations about Black communities. In 2021, he and his partner also turned their home into an art school called Sertão Negro, or Black Hinterland.

Melina León at her Lima apartment with some of the awards she got for her debut film, “Song Without a Name.”

Peruvian filmmaker Melina León boosts Peru’s film industry with strong female leads

Arts, Culture & Media

With Peru’s current political upheaval as a backdrop, award-winning filmmaker Melina León is developing new projects. Her latest feature film will tell the difficult story of a young Indigenous woman living with epilepsy.