Christie Taylor

Christie Taylor is a producer for Science Friday.

Christie Taylor is a producer for Science Friday.

Bats have a specialized thin skin that allows their wings to change when a muscle is activated with every beat cycle of the wings.

Researchers explore the fascinating biomechanics and neuroscience of bats


To get a true sense of wonder that surrounds the movement of bats, you just have to slow things down a little.

Before the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, five states had "red flag" statutes called gun violence restraining orders. Recently, Florida became the six state to add the statute.

Researchers still struggle to get funding to study gun violence

Contrary to classic depictions of a tyrannosaurus rex, paleoartist Gabriel Ugueto says that the massive carnivores likely were covered in small feathers on the top of their bodies.

Turns out, dinosaurs probably had feathers. This artist is using science to draw more accurate pictures.

Grace Hopper sits behind the UNIVAC (universal automatic computer) keyboard in the early '60s. As a mathematician and rear admiral in the US Navy, she helped design the UNIVAC I and many other related systems.

New book sheds light on overlooked women pioneers who paved the way for today’s internet

The Shard stands 95 stories tall in the heart of London on the banks of the River Thames.

New book explains the secrets behind famous skyscrapers, other structures

New artificial-intelligence-enabled algorithms have allowed video editors a whole new array of tools to make fake videos even more believable.

AI-based fake videos pose the latest threat to what we perceive as reality — and possibly our democracy


Can you spot a fake video from a real video? It may seem simple enough, but new technology is blurring the lines of reality at unprecedented levels.

The percentage of parents who refuse to give any vaccines to their children remain at one to two percent of the general public. There is a much larger group of people who have doubts and concerns over certain vaccinations, experts say.

Despite dozens of recent flu deaths among US children, vaccination skeptics remain — and their numbers have grown


Vaccinations have been around for more than a century. So why is the vaccination rate so low in the United States?

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

An FCC vote to dismantle net neutrality is expected this week. Here’s what that means.


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai refers to the planned repeal as “restoring internet freedom.”

passenger pigeon

Why did passenger pigeons go extinct?


New research into pigeon genetics may provide some clues.

Cone snail

A scientist who finds pharmaceutical promise in the venom of cone snails


Mandë Holford collects the snails with salad tongs and scuba gloves. Back in her lab, she studies their venom for compounds that could treat everything from cancer to chronic pain.