Annie Murphy

Parán resident Lorenzo Torres walks to the town center to buy food; Torres is blind, and the walk usually takes him about two hours.

Everyone in this small Peruvian town knew about the men who go blind by age 50. Then they found out why

Parán is a small town in Peru where many men go blind. When they finally found out why, they began to blame themselves.Parán is a small town in Peru where many men go blind. When they finally found out why, they began to blame themselves.

Le Rencontre, a French-speaking meetup at the Franco-American Heritage Center, Lewiston, Maine.

In Maine, a little French goes a long way

A green tamale -- filled with chicken and cilantro -- made by Karina Medina, and sold on the street in Lima.

Here’s why some Peruvians are giving up jobs as lawyers and accountants to become chefs

A Peruvian hairless dog at Alfredo Janneau's kennel in Lima.

Peru has a new love affair with its hairless dogs

A small group of people from the Japanese community recently gathered at the temple in Lima to chant and make offerings to their deceased relatives. On the altar were plates of sandwiches and cakes; even a bag of Lay’s potato chips.

Lima’s stressed-out are turning to Zen Buddhism

Fernando Palazuelo

This Spanish developer helped rebuild Lima and now he’s betting big on remaking Detroit

Who would see promise in a bankrupt Detroit and invest in an infamous factory abandoned 60 years ago? A Spanish developer who lost everything in 2008 and proved he could rebuild himself and a city, in Peru.

The Huscar Park in a working-class neighborhood of Lima is a public park, but you have to pay admission. It's extra for things like using the basketball courts and making a video.

In Peru, this is why people lock public streets and pay to use public parks

During Peru’s civil strife in the 80s and 90s, insecurity got so bad that people started paying for gates and guards to block the entrances to their streets. Now, that distrust of institutions is hard for Peruvians to shake.

Students at a D1 dance competition in Lima, Peru. The group started with kids who did backflips on the street for spare change.

A passionate ballerina turns at-risk kids in Peru into professional dancers

Kids doing backflips in the streets of Lima to earn change got a break when a Peruvian ballet dancer saw them and stopped to talk. That led to a dance school, a professional dance company, and new relationships across Peru’s class divide.

Blanca Alva, Peru's historian in charge of protecting the country's "cultural patrimony," confiscating illegal handicrafts.

A woman dodges rocks and Molotov cocktails to protect Peru’s ancient sites

What does it take to keep land traffickers from selling off your country’s most treasured cultural sites? In Peru, it takes a fearless, cardigan-wearing historian.

Chicken Wilson competing in Peru's "Lucha Libro" - writing a story story in five minutes.

Peru makes book writing into a spectator sport and invites aspiring writers into combat

In Peru, where it’s hard to get a book contract, young writers put on wrestling masks and duke it out in the ring. But instead of wrestling, they’re writing short stories, in front of an audience – on a clock.