Wear & Tear

People are seen walking past an H&M store through the reflection in the glass.

H&M’s statement about sexual harassment allegations in Bangladeshi factories


The company is a big buyer from factories in Bangladesh.

Garment District

My family’s ties to the global garment industry

People are seen walking past an H&M store through the reflection in the glass.

How good is H&M’s clothing recycling program?

Preparing new orders

These women in the Philippines scour a dump site for trash to turn into ‘something beautiful’

Mother and daughter

Working in a garment factory may not bring this mother and daughter long-term economic stability


An Argentine startup that makes shoes from discarded tire scraps and employs single mothers


Xinca currently employs 25 women from rural areas, where much of the production is done.

Garment workers

Are factories better in Bangladesh after Rana Plaza? That depends on who you ask.


The Rana Plaza collapse made companies and consumers more aware of working conditions in the clothing factories. In some places, reforms have made workers safer, but the changes are far from universal.

A man sits at a sewing machine table and sews a blue plaid button up shirt. In front of him sits a large pile of identical shirts.

How do consumers make good choices about clothes? Spider silk and brand transparency.

We know that fast fashion is polluting the Earth, clogging landfills and underpaying workers. What can consumers do to make better choices?

Tommy Adaptive

How we can create fashion that is inclusive and adaptive


One company currently trying to situate itself at the intersection of adaptive clothing technology and on-trend fashion is Tommy Hilfiger.

Thai women sitting on a sidewalk in El Monte, California

How a sweatshop raid in an LA suburb changed the American garment industry


In the early hours of Aug. 2, 1995, authorities raided an apartment complex in El Monte and found 72 Thai workers, including Rotchana Sussman, living in virtual slavery while making clothing.