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Morley Safer, correspondent for CBS News, reporting on the systematic burning of South Vietnamese villages by US Marines in Cam Ne, Vietnam, 1965.

Morley Safer’s coverage of the Vietnam War changed everything


When a CBS news correspondent filmed US Marines setting fire to Vietnamese homes with Zippo lighters, America was stunned.

The Truong family arrived to the United States not long after fleeing Vietnam in 1975, when the then-capital of South Vietnam, Saigon, fell to the North Vietnamese army. Thu-Thuy Truong, far right, places bunny ears above her brother, Sy.

New to America, this young Vietnamese refugee wanted to ‘erase’ his past

With the help of the military and civilian aid groups, Vietnamese refugees at California's Camp Pendleton created a community after being resettled there in 1975. They received food, shelter and services to help prepare them for permanent residence in the

Remembering the California refugee camp that gave Vietnamese a new life in the US

Several dozen Vietnamese demonstrators protest against what they described as human rights violations in the former South Vietnam on April 30, 1998 at city hall in Orlando, Florida.

Forty years after Vietnam, a refugee relives his journey from Saigon to San Francisco

USS Frank E. Evans

US military rules have kept the names of 74 sailors off the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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