Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository

Onkalo waste storage site

Finland’s solution to nuclear waste storage may set an example for the world


Finland is moving ahead with a system to store radioactive nuclear waste for 100,000 years, a possible example for other nuclear countries still struggling to come up with a plan.

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Nuclear Money Meltdown

Solving Nuclear Waste

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Waste Not, Want Not

Waste Not….Here

Yucca Woes

Storing nuclear waste in Nevada’s Yucca Mountain has been a long and bitter debate between the federal government and the local residents. Now there are reports that key geological research had been falsified; data that was to determine the safety of the site. Host Steve Curwood talks with Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington […]

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Health Hazards at Yucca Mountain

Workers building the country’s proposed nuclear waste storage site say Yucca Mountain is already a danger even before any radioactive waste arrives. The workers say they were exposed to hazardous silica dust during years of tunnel digging. Jeff Young’s investigation finds evidence that energy officials took little action although they knew the dust exposures were […]

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Yucca Mountain

The Department of Energy recently announced it will push ahead with plans to build a high level nuclear waste site at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. State officials and environmental groups oppose the plan. But as Jon Christensen reports, many residents who live closest to Yucca Mountain have grown fatalistic about living in a nuclear environment.