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A 1923 studio portrait of the In zikh ("Introspectivist") poetry group.

Jennifer Kronovet studied Yiddish so she could communicate with the dead


I first came across Jennifer Kronovet via her collection of poems, The Wug Test. Many of the poems are about language — how we use it, how we take it for granted, how we acquired it in the first place. (The original Wug Test was a famous language acquistion exercise developed by psycholinguist, Jean Berko Gleason.)  [[entity_id:"84678" entity_type:"node" […]

Aga Ilwicka-Sheppard is a PhD candidate in Jewish Studies at the University of Wroclaw in Poland. She was instrumental in getting the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, Massachusetts to send 3,000 Yiddish language books to Poland, including novels, dictionar

This Polish grad student wants to help bring Yiddish back to life in Poland

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American pop culture brings Yiddish language to the world

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The Globalization of Yiddish

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