A three lane highway is shown packed with cars and taken with a blurry effect.

Love is blind: How Germany’s long romance with cars led to the nation’s biggest clean energy failure


A world leader in cutting emissions from electricity production, the German government, in thrall to the auto industry, ‘overlooked’ pollution from cars and trucks.

a custom vw beetle in mexico

Goodbye, old friend: VW Beetle ceases production

Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller poses next to an Electro-Golf police vehicle during a tour of the VW factory in Wolfsburg, Germany in October.`

VW’s CEO is expected to end his US apology tour with a proposed fix


Say a final farewell to the VW minibus — the vehicle that defined the 60s

Is It Racist When a White Guy Mimics Jamaican Patois?

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Will Shanghai’s Auto Show Eclipse New York’s?

The Chinese auto show and the American auto show overlap this year, and they are certainly competing over the industry spotlight. Paul Eisenstein, publisher of The Detroit, is at the New York show this week.

Your Take: Eminem’s Chrysler 200 Ad to VW’s ‘The Force’

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We hear from listeners on what they thought were the best and worst Super Bowl ads. (Also, Eminem).