Viktor Yanukovych

A bunch of flowers with the colors of the Ukrainian flag is laid down at the memorial for those killed during the war, near Maidan Square in central Kyiv, Ukraine, Friday, Feb. 24, 2023.

‘The war is not over yet’: Ukraine marks 10-year anniversary of pivotal Maidan Revolution


On Tuesday, Ukraine is celebrating 10 years since the start of the Maidan Revolution, the uprising that led to the downfall of the pro-Russian government and closer ties with the European Union. It also sparked a new wave of aggression from neighboring Russia that led to its full-scale invasion nearly two years ago.

A woman surrounded by US and Ukrainian flags

In Ukraine, US support no longer taken ‘at face value’

Trump impeachment
Two men sit at a table

This ex-MP wants to help untangle Giuliani’s business dealings in Ukraine

A close up profile of a middle-aged man

Presidents aren’t immune to treason convictions. Just look to Ukraine.

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy listens to a translator as he and US President Donald Trump hold a bilateral meeting

Trump scandal threatens to derail Ukraine’s anti-corruption efforts

A man with a microphone in front of bright lights gives a peace sign.

This Ukrainian presidential candidate is challenging language divisions with a message of unity

Global Politics

As Russian-speaking Volodymyr Zelenskiy leads in the presidential runoff, his challengers have made his mother tongue a subject of debate.

Vladimir Putin sits at a desk with the Russian flag behind him.

Putin’s plagiarism, fake Ukrainian degrees and other tales of world leaders accused of academic fraud

Global Politics

Around the world, questions have been asked over the legitimacy of many world leaders’ claims of academic achievements. The list includes Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who have both been suspected of plagiarizing their doctorates.

The the main club house inside Mezhgorye, the residence of Ukraine's ousted president Victor Yanukovych.

Ukrainians vowed to turn their ex-president’s estate into a ‘Museum of Corruption.’ But it’s something else now.


Ukraine’s former president Victor Yanukovych spent more that $30 million on his personal estate before he fled for Russia. Think private zoo, crocodile skin-lined planters and a copy of John and Yoko’s white piano.

A woman walks near a memorial to those who died protesting against President Yanukovych, during a commemoration ceremony for them in Kiev Friday, as Ukrainians marked the first anniversary of protests which led to the revolution.

Ukrainians remember the first anniversary of the start of their revolution


It’s been exactly a year since the first demonstration in Maidan Square in downtown Kiev. That protest led to a revolution in Ukraine, civil war and partial Russian occupation. Families have been torn apart. And it has left Ukrainians with mixed feelings.

Masked pro-Russian activists haul down the Ukrainian flag from the top of another government building in eastern Ukraine, Monday.

Kharkiv’s mayor is shot in another sign of Ukraine’s rising tension

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Kidnappings and shootings are adding to the tension in Ukraine. On Monday, a prominent mayor who has switched his loyalties was shot in the back and seriously wounded.