University of California

A young woman standing on campus.

A public college in California makes strides in recruiting, graduating Latino students

As California implemented a ban on using race in college admissions 10 years ago, University of California, Irvine started aggressively recruiting talented students in Latino communities. Since then, the percentage of Latino students on-campus tripled.

A worker at the Savannah River Site in South Carolina uses a glovebox to handle hazardous materials. The Savannah River Site is one of the locations the Trump administration is considering to host a ramp-up in nuclear warhead production.

The US is set to ramp up nuclear warhead production. But key proposed sites are plagued by safety problems.

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DACA recipients saw their mental health improve. Now, advocates fear its end will have the opposite effect.

Janet Napolitano, former US Secretary of Homeland Security, in 2011.

Why a former DHS secretary thinks DACA should continue

Global Politics

Congress considering measure to preserve atomic labs as National Parks

Global Politics

UC Berkeley Astrophysicist on Black Hole Discovery

Astronomers from the University of California, Berkeley announced that they had discovered the two most massive black holes to date. Their findings situate the black holes at between 10 and 21 billion times the mass of the sun. They are being published in journal Nature. Theoretical astrophysicist Chung-Pei Ma led the team that made these […]

States Struggle with Tuition Hikes and Budget Cuts

Over the past few weeks, The Takeaway has reported about student loan debt and rising tuition costs.  President Obama recently unveiled a new program that he says will help lower the interest rates on student loans. But his strategy does not help students who graduated before 2012. As cash-strapped states continue to cut funding for public […]

The World

Supreme Court to consider discriminatory student group at public university

Lifestyle & Belief

Can a public university deny funding to a Christian student group if the group refuses to allow gay students to vote or take on leadership roles? Such a case is coming before the U.S. Supreme Court.