Professor Juan Madrid with his students from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley at a radio telescope in Fort Davis in West Texas.

‘Embrace the culture, embrace the language’: Offering bilingual courses benefits students beyond the classroom, Texan professor says

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is classified as a Hispanic-serving institution where some bilingual courses are offered. The World’s host Marco Werman speaks with astronomy professor Juan Madrid about teaching his classes in both Spanish and English and what it means for the students.

A student carries her bags in front of a sign for the University of Dayton

COVID-19 shakes up international student life — and university budgets

Woman hugs man in evening scene in front of building

The children of H-1B visa holders are growing up — and still waiting for green cards

puerto rico

Some Puerto Rican college students displaced by Hurricane Maria have already started classes again — in Florida

Young man at podium in press conference with signs behind him

This college freshman is worried about affirmative action — but not that it will keep him out of Harvard

Ekk Sisavatdy, left, helps an incoming freshman at Highline College in Burien, Washington, as part of a program that assists Asian American and Pacific Islander students.

Asian American students push to reveal what the ‘model minority’ myth hides


“I’m more than just Asian American and others’ perception of what an Asian American is,” says Ekk Sisavatdy, who works with students who don’t fit the straight-A stereotype of Asian American students.

The Gender Equality Workshop at National Taiwan University held a one-month event for male students to wear skirts and share their experience.

Male university students in Taiwan wear skirts to support transgender community


Male university students in Taiwan have supported transgender colleagues in one of the most simple — and striking — ways imaginable.

Is the Trayvon Martin Case an Example of Tension Between Black and Latino Communities?

Coming up, Trayvon Martin’s shooting has sparked a discussion on some of the commonalities and tensions between the black and Latino communities in the US. More, next, on The Takeaway.