Ukrainian nationalism

A bunch of flowers with the colors of the Ukrainian flag is laid down at the memorial for those killed during the war, near Maidan Square in central Kyiv, Ukraine, Friday, Feb. 24, 2023.

‘The war is not over yet’: Ukraine marks 10-year anniversary of pivotal Maidan Revolution


On Tuesday, Ukraine is celebrating 10 years since the start of the Maidan Revolution, the uprising that led to the downfall of the pro-Russian government and closer ties with the European Union. It also sparked a new wave of aggression from neighboring Russia that led to its full-scale invasion nearly two years ago.

Activists of the Svoboda (Freedom) Ukrainian nationalist party hold torches as they take part in a rally to mark the 105th year since the birth of Stepan Bandera, one of the founders of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), in Kiev. The portra

There’s powerful history in the slurs that Ukrainians and pro-Russian separatists are slinging at each other

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Pro-Russian protesters dig in for a long fight over eastern Ukraine

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Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine may be the next flashpoint in the Russia-Ukraine standoff

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Graffiti portrait of Taras Shevchenko in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

A 19th-century poet is a symbol of resistance in Ukraine

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Early Ukrainian diplomacy. The Zaporozhian Cossacks reply to the Sultan of Turkey, by 19th century Russian artist, Ilya Repin. Ukraine has always been vulnerable to more powerful neighbors.

Ukraine’s identity crisis is nothing new

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Ukraine has been gripped by demonstrations for weeks now. Protesters want the President to keep his promise and sign a deal with the European Union. The deal would bail out the country’s broken finances and bring it into closer association with Brussels. Russia doesn’t like that. It’s not the first time in Ukraine’s history that is has to decide between East and West.

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Ukraine’s language

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Ukraine became independent from the Soviet Union 18 years ago. One of the first moves Ukrainian nationalists took was to make Ukrainian the official state language. But as Brigid McCarthy reports, Russian remains the language of choice.

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Geo answer

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For our Geo Quiz, we were looking for the name of the capital of Ukraine. The answer is Kiev. The BBC’s Gabriel Gatehouse reports on a controversy a local TV show that asked viewers to name the greatest Ukrainian of all time.