Tropical agriculture

Field workers transplant rice on a farm in Soc Trang Province, Vietnam.

Rising sea levels mean trouble for Vietnam’s rice farmers


If you find yourself buying rice anywhere in the world, there’s a good chance that what’s in your cart came from Vietnam. The small country cranks out a fifth of the world’s rice exports each year. But oceans are expanding — right up into some of Vietnam’s richest rice-growing areas — which is bad news for farmers.

Farmer Felipe Parado Jr., 59, has collected the sap of coconut palms, to make wine, since he was a child.

Typhoon Haiyan felled this man’s trees and uprooted his life

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Cambodia promotes brown rice to fight diabetes

Health & Medicine

Promoting Brown Rice to Fight Diabetes in Cambodia

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A woman walks into a rice field in northern India where farmers are using the technique known as Systems of Rice Intensification. Local officials claim the system recently produced a record rice harvest while using less fertilizer, water and seed.

Intensive Lunch: Controversial rice growing technique offers hope for bigger yields


Researcher says rising corn prices could spark global food riots

The United States is the largest producer of one of the most world’s important crops: corn. We use it to feed people, livestock and, when it’s turned into ethanol, cars. But as the country faces the worst drought in more than 50 years, some experts say the U.S. can no longer afford to turn that food into fuel.

Experts say effects of U.S. drought likely to ripple across the globe


The effect of this summer’s drought in the United States may well be felt around the world soon. That’s because the U.S. is the world’s biggest corn exporter. As harvests fall and prices rise, many of world’s poor will feel the squeeze.

Farmers struggle as historic draught diminishes crop yields

More than half of the United States is in one of the worst droughts to hit America in recorded history. Farmers are among those who have suffered the most so far. But fewer crops means higher food prices for all Americans in the months ahead.

Invasive citrus disease found in California for the first time


A citrus disease that devastated the Florida citrus industry has been found in California for the first time. State and federal officials are reacting quickly to try and contain it before it does to California what it did in Florida, where it caused $4 billion in damage and 6600 jobs.

Lao rice farmers move from subsistence to cash crops

Scientists working with Lao farmers to increase profitable harvests by finding higher yielding varieties of sticky rice.