toxic chemicals

Raised hands at school

For poor and minority children, excessive air pollution creates a toxic learning environment


Air pollution near schools can affect children’s health, intelligence and behavior. A study published in Environmental Research finds more pollution in areas where poor and minority kids live and go to school.

The new water-based process being used by some independent Mongolian miners can extract up to 80% of the gold from the ore and is much cleaner than processes using mercury or cyanide.

These Mongolian miners are making gold greener. Now they want their government to help.

Household chemicals

Congress finally modernizes the US toxic chemicals law

A "Water Pickup" sign points to a bottled water distribution center in Flint, Michigan in January. In an effort to save money, state officials running Flint's affairs implemented changes to the city's water system that resulted in widespread lead contamin

This is your brain on lead, and lots of other nasty pollutants

Baby being weighed

Is there a connection between in utero chemical exposure and obesity?