Trump sits with his arms crossed with the US flag behind him.

Trump’s China tariffs hampered US coronavirus preparedness, expert says


In the US, there’s a shortage of medical supplies, and that’s partly due to a trade policy of Washington’s own making — tariffs imposed on Chinese imports by the Trump White House.

Grain buyers from Japan check out the corn on Rod Pierce's farm near Woodward, Iowa.

Will Iowa farmers benefit from Trump’s newest deals with China and Japan?

US President Donald Trump is shown in a close up photo with a blue and yellow background.

Trump defies own party to push ahead with Mexican tariff threat

Global Politics
A man holds soybeans in his hands.

How soybeans became China’s most powerful weapon in Trump’s trade war

A ship is show loaded with thousands of containers with a blue and yellow crane in the nearground.

As Trump wages trade war, US goods deficit hits record high in 2018

The Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Trump’s tariffs cause headaches for his own industry: hotels


President Donald Trump’s tariffs are impacting a wide range of American industries, including one close to home for the president— hotels.

Iowa farmer Bruce Wessling walks through his farm. Iowa is the nation’s leading pork exporting state. China put a 25 percent tariff on imported American pork back in April.

Iowans get a giant ad from China in their Sunday newspaper

The Chinese government took out a four-page advertisement in the Des Moines Register on Sunday. The ad was designed like a four-page newspaper section with various “articles” commenting on the trade war between the US and China.

Shipping containers are seen at a port in Shanghai, China, with a green truck driving through the middle.

China says US trying to force it to submit on trade as new tariffs kick in

The United States and China imposed fresh tariffs on each other’s goods on Monday as the world’s biggest economies showed no signs of backing down from an increasingly bitter trade dispute that is expected to knock global economic growth.

A US flag is seen during a welcoming ceremony in Beijing, China.

US companies in China feeling ‘clear and far reaching’ trade war pinch: survey

American companies in China are being hurt by tariffs in the growing trade war between Washington and Beijing, according to a survey of hundreds of firms.

A crowd of reporters surrounds Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan

Erdoğan says US ‘wrong’ to threaten Turkey after Trump doubles tariffs

The Turkish lira crashed to a record low after the Trump administration doubled tariffs on Turkish metal imports.