Steve Curwood

Tapir Scientist

Writer Sy Montgomery treks through the wilds of the world’s largest freshwater wetland, Brazil’s Pantanal, with scientists studying the elusive and endangered lowland tapir.

Shrinking Natural Gas Royalties

EPA Scraps Chemical Safety Rules

Republican Climate Hearing Agenda

Eternity of Eagles

The World

Otters As Climate Defenders

Sea Otters are known for their playful demeanor and cuddly appearance, but scientists at the University of California at Santa Cruz think that the cuddly creatures could help reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Mercury Hot Spots Around the World

Elevated levels of toxic mercury unveiled in 14 hotspots.

EPA delays new rules on industrial air pollution


Republicans and companies have attacked the EPA’s proposed new rules aimed at cutting air pollution, but the EPA’s delay has raised concerns that the Obama administration could be putting politics above public health.

Ecosystems after the Gulf oil spill

What we know and don’t know about the Gulf Oil Spill

Would you eat lion meat?


Butcher shops that sell lion meat may not be breaking any laws, but they’re delving into a murky area of exotic meats with little regulation.