Social change

A black man stands in a crowd with his fist raised in the air.

The power of protest: Part I

Critical State

Critical State looks at the power of protest to lead to lasting change. According to new research by Omar Wasow, the power of protests to set agendas is high, it seems, but its power to persuade is limited.

Ada Colau

Barcelona’s mayor is on a quest to ‘feminize’ politics amid independence debate

Global Politics
SafeMode conversation with Zeynep

8 things we learned about activism in Marco Werman’s conversation with Zeynep Tufekci at SXSW

Rasha Abdulla overlooking Tahrir Square just hours before Hosni Mubarak stepped down from power.

Egypt’s social media activists cannot depend solely on Twitter, Facebook

Dr. Jeff Wilson, otherwise known as Professor Dumpster, resides in a modern dumpster behind the women’s dorm at Huston-Tillotson University.

‘Professor Dumpster’ has turned a big trash bin into a tiny home


A novelist takes the pulse of Kiev’s Independence Square — and remains hopeful

Global Politics

Ukrainian novelist Andrey Kurkov has been visiting Independence Square nearly every day since protests began. And despite recent violence, he remains optimistic about the future.

Iona Rozeal Brown creates Afro-Japanese art mashup

Arts, Culture & Media

Iona Rozeal Brown’s art fuses two distinctly different cultures into paintings that jar the audience with their atypical styles. Brown, an African American, grew up with an appreciation for Japanese culture. That appreciation and her own roots come together in her art.

Tea Party activists meet Occupy Memphis protesters for civil discussion

Global Politics

In Memphis, an online discussion between the two largest protest movements going right now, the Tea Party activists and the Occupy Wall Street protesters, led to an in-person discussion where the two sides tried to better understand each other and find common ground.

VIDEO: UC-Davis police officers placed on administrative leave following pepper spray incident

Global Politics

Two University of California Davis protesters are on administrative leave, Chancellor Linda Katehi is under fire and many are outraged after an incident where a row of peaceful protesters, inspired by Occupy Wall Street, were doused with pepper spray on the university’s campus.

Global Activism Movement

Author Paul Hawken talks about the quantity and variety of people and organizations involved in the global activism movement.