The ambiance of the Bab al-Yemen restaurant in Boston adds to a unique dining experience for customers, Apr. 12, 2023.

At Boston’s first Yemeni restaurant, food, community and tradition are on the menu this Ramadan

Lifestyle & Belief

Owner Ahmed Mahmood tells The World about his own journey, the political situation in Yemen and how he’s created a space for those observing the month of fasting.

One of the main dishes at The Pork House includes a crunchy roasted pork with beans and fresh vegetables and is paired with the Brazilian national drink: caipirinha. 

Pork paradigm shift: This high-end São Paulo restaurant features pig ears and tails

Restaurant workers clean the awning of a restaurant near Chateau de Vincennes.

The return of la terrasse in Paris — and a sense of normalcy


This Pittsburgh restaurant offers takeout and a side of politics

a lionfish

Conservationists want you to eat more lionfish. Wait, what?


There’s a street in Tokyo where the sushi is amazing, except you can’t eat it

Arts, Culture & Media

Food writer Steve Dolinsky explores the epicenter of the world’s fake food on Kappabashi Street in Tokyo, Japan.

Chef Andy Ricker's new cookbook "Pok Pok" explores his travels in Thailand.

How a Thai mushroom keeps this award-winning chef on his toes

Arts, Culture & Media

There are some dishes you won’t find in Andy Ricker’s latest cookbook or on the menu of his restaurant, Pok Pok. And he’s okay with that. It keeps his gastronomic curiosity for Thailand fresh.

Famed Spanish restaurant El Bulli reopens as foundation and food lab

Global Politics

El Bulli was a highly successful, highly celebrated restaurant in Spain, until its founder shut it down at practically the peak of its popularity. But now it’s back — but with a focus on innovation and research, rather than just on eating.

Charlotte restaurant serves up free meals, jobs, fellowship for homeless

One of Charlotte’s trendy restaurants is not exactly what it seems. The not-for-profit devotes all the money it makes, after expenses, to feeding, hiring and supporting the homeless and the poor. Owner Jim Noble views it as his mission to feed these people’s stomachs, and their souls.

America developing a serious taste for food trucks

Global Politics

Food trucks are cropping up around the country and doing innovative things with food. They’re drawing crowds, but also the ire of local restaurant owners, who say their lower cost of business is unfair competition.