Congressional Representatives-elect Rashida Tlaib, left, and Ilhan Omar, right, will both use Qurans during their ceremonial swearings-in on Jan. 3, 2019.

Two reps were sworn in on the Quran. It’s a symbolic moment for Muslim Americans.


For many Muslim Americans, the presence of a Quran is a symbolic moment amid a presidential administration that has seemed to wage an all-out war on the triple whammy of what Tlaib and Omar represent: immigrants, Muslims and women.

A painting of Prophet Muhammad's vision in Mecca from Tabriz, 1320 CE. In this painting, his facial features are not covered.

You can’t draw Muhammad — unless you’re one of many Muslim artists who did

A student of Sumaiya Girls High School being taught Arabic

Are madrassas in Africa educating or indoctrinating?

A billboard displays a verse from the Koran that urges women to wear a hijab in the northern province of Raqqa in March. ISIS has imposed sweeping restrictions like this in areas where it has gained control.

A shy 19-year-old woman disappeared in Minnesota — and resurfaced in Syria


The Madrassa Myth: In Pakistan, public schools may be the problem

students praying at madrassa

The Madrassa Myth: in Pakistan, Public Schools may be the Problem

Development & Education

Recent reports have accused Pakistan’s Islamic, religious schools as being training grounds for terrorists. But most students attend the schools, called madrassas, for a purely spiritual purpose.

First LGBT-friendly mosque opens in France

Lifestyle & Belief

In Europe and the United States, Muslims, including a group called Muslims for Progressive Values, are pushing for making mosques more inclusive — to serve all people. Some say this could be the beginning of a reformation of Islam.

In Afghanistan, Rioting Over Koran-Burning Continues

In Afghanistan, there’s still no sign to the end of escalating violence over the destruction of copies of the Koran by American troops. Why is burning the Koran such a deeply offensive gesture to Muslims? American University Islamic Studies professor Akbar Ahmed joins The Takeaway, next.

Koran By Heart

Lifestyle & Belief

Young Muslims from around the world participate in competitions where they have to recite passages from the Koran.

Religious Extremism: The Same on All Sides?

The Quran burning by Florida Pastor Terry Jones’ church group has incited deadly protests in Afghanistan. These events show the perils of religious extremism. Daisy Khan, from the American Society of Muslim Advancement and Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe of the World Evangelical Alliance both condemn the burning of the Quran and the subsequent violence.