Public transport

A bird walks inside a commuter underground tube train

Why Luxembourg’s free transit may not fix its traffic problem

Luxembourg is set to become the first country in the world to make all public transportation free. Other cities have tried this before and it didn’t have the results you’d expect.

a bus carries commuters as it travels over Waterloo Bridge in London

Math explains why your bus route seems so unreliable

A taxi in a suburb of Lima

Public transport? That’s something to protest outside Peru’s capital

Helsinki tram

The city of Helsinki imagines a car-less and more care-free future


Boston’s mass transit system burdened by debt and increased ridership

Global Politics

Transportation Secretary criticizes GOP transportation proposal, calls for investment

Global Politics

As Congress struggles to come up with a transportation plan, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says it’s imperative that America find the funds for its transportation priorities. We can’t turn our backs on rail and transit and only fund roads and bridges, he said.

Prospering Public Transportation

Despite robust and rising ridership, many transit systems around the country are deeply mired debt, and Boston’s MBTA is a prime example. But there is a way out, according to Christopher Leinberger, a developer and professor at George Washington University. He has a plan called “value capture” that would use transit-related real estate profits to solve the MBTA’s fiscal problems and reduce Boston’s carbon footprint to boot.

Waiting for the Bus: Detroit Public Transit

How long would you be prepared to wait for a bus? Ten minutes — maybe twenty. Try three hours.  Here in Motor City, for the many thousands of people here who don’t have a car, and that’s about a third, getting from A to B is proving almost impossible. Some riders say the poor service has […]

The Virtues of Public Transportation, From a Proud Straphanger

The United States has long been a car culture. They are status symbols as much as they are a means of transport; highways divide and unite the country, from the smallest towns to the grandest cities, and our popular culture is loaded with references to them. But with fewer young people buying cars than ever, […]

More Roads, More Traffic

The Fundamental Law of Traffic: widening roads increases traffic.