Office worker silhouetted in front of a window

Workers battle tidal wave of burnout amid pandemic


It took a pandemic to show us that our workplace stress levels are unsustainable.

Fingers type on a laptop keyboard

Email’s death grip is strangling us, says computer scientist

Side view of a cross section of a human brain in glass

How the West came to dominate our brains

Siblings Erika and Dwayne Bermudez comfort one another during a short viewing of their mother, Eudiana Smith, at The Family Funeral Home, May 2, 2020, in Newark, New Jersey.

The pandemic has disrupted how we grieve. The effects could be long-lasting.

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Woman with red hair grabs her head with frustrated scrunched face.

A Danish word the world needs to combat stress: Pyt

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Shoppers wait in long lines in front of a storefront window that reads "Black Friday" in black and white letters.

Why do Black Friday shoppers throw punches over bargains? A marketing expert explains ‘psychological ownership’

Lifestyle & Belief

Have you ever felt as if another driver stole your parking spot? Understanding “psychological ownership” may help us get through another Black Friday without throwing punches or getting caught up in a stampede.

personality type

Testing who you are


There’s an assessment tool that promises to reveal more about your personality than you already know. Lots of us have used it. But is it accurate?

A you migrant girl crouches next to her family as they listen to officers of the US Customs and Border Protection before entering the United States to apply for asylum.

Discussion: What trauma are separated migrant children now dealing with?

What are the potential health impacts on children who have been separated from their families at the border? Harvard’s Dr. Jack Shonkoff, an expert on toxic stress in children, raises serious concerns about what the kids separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border might be experiencing and the long-term impacts of the trauma.

an aerial view of a tent camp for detained migrant children in the US

Family separation under ‘zero-tolerance’ policy could leave lasting trauma in children, pediatric doctor says


It has become a hot-button topic in American politics. But beyond the numbers of children being separated from their parents at the border are very real, long-term effects from toxic stress, one expert says.

President Trump caused headlines after referring to group of Latino immigrants as "animals" on Wednesday. He said he was only referring to members of the gang MS-13.

President Trump’s ‘animals’ comment points to a dark history of using dehumanizing language

Conflict & Justice

The terms President Trump has used to describe a group of Latino immigrants can have serious societal consequences.