Pride parade

Participants take part in a Pride run during the ShanghaiPRIDE festival

Abruptly canceled, ShanghaiPRIDE could be harbinger for China’s civil society


Organizers did not offer an explanation for the sudden cancelation and indefinite hiatus, but co-founder Charlene Liu cited “safety” concerns for all involved.

A group walks under a large rainbow flag.

Can a star-studded, global Pride parade online replace the real thing?

Two women dance together wearing red clothing.

One small step: Moscow’s first queer dance festival challenges homophobia

Gay rights activists in Moscow held a banner that reads "Homophobia is the shame of Russia," as they protested in front of the Sochi 2014 organizing committee building in Moscow on September 25, 2013.

A gay Russian gets asylum and a new life in the US

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Delhi Queer Pride parade

A colonial-era law against same-sex relationships goes back on the books in India

Development & Education

Delhi’s LGBT Pride parade shows what a difference a decade can make in India

Lifestyle & Belief

Just a decade ago, the idea of a Pride parade in India would have been unthinkable. But this weekend, the sixth annual LGBT Pride parade was held in New Delhi — and hundreds turned out. It’s a sign that the LGBT community is gaining some acceptance in broader Indian culture.

Chilean man’s brutal murder resets the conversation about gay rights

Conflict & Justice

Chile’s Daniel Zamudio died more than a year ago in Santiago. Now, his sadistic murder is a rallying point for Chileans trying to push for gay rights.

Marching in Solidarity: Celebrating Rainbow Pride in Kolkata

The feminist and gay rights movement in India is at a turning point. Attitudes towards sexual harassment and homosexuality are shifting as the media, civil society and government work to promote and demonstrate solidarity instead of shame when it comes these issues.

The World

India’s first gay pride parade

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Anchor Marco Werman speaks to Indian gay rights activist Ashok Row Kavi about the first ever gay pride parade in New Delhi yesterday.