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Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López kisses his wife Lilian Tintori with their son and daughter after a news conference in Madrid on Oct. 27, 2020. López who has abandoned the Spanish ambassador's residence in Caracas and left Venezuela after years

Exiled Venezuelan dissident says Sunday’s National Assembly elections are a ‘fraud’

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Leopoldo López, in exile in Spain, is speaking out against the Venezuelan National Assembly elections being held Sunday by the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

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Venezuelan military defectors struggle to get by while Maduro holds onto power

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Maduro regime kills, tortures, with ‘minimal consequences,’ says opposition lawmaker

women in a waiting room in a hospital

Hospitals are turning into ‘cemeteries for migrants’ on Colombia-Venezuela border

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Chávez’s revolutionaries caught between legacy and change in Venezuela

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An opposition supporter throws something as he's surrounded by smoke

What’s the best (and worst) possible outcome for Venezuela?

Currently, there’s a standoff about whether or not international aid should enter the country. The World speaks with Oliver Stuenkel, a professor of international relations at the Vargas Foundation in Brazil who’s been closely following the situation in Venezuela, about what’s next for the Latin American country, including the possibility of an American military intervention there. 

Chaos and stone throwing at the border.

Thousands mobilize, some soldiers defect, but Venezuelan aid push ends in chaos


The aid the volunteers hoped to carry over the bridges has become a flashpoint in Venezuela’s political crisis. But the humanitarian aid plan was fraught with complications from the very beginning. 

People fill a warehouse. Around them a packs of food and drink.

Stalled humanitarian aid to Venezuela ‘is a trap,’ says ex-Maduro staffer

Millions of dollars worth of food and medical supplies is stalled on the Venezuela-Colombia border. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro won’t let the aid in. A former chief of staff says there are “strings attached” to the aid.

Cutouts depicting images of oil operations

Why Venezuela’s oil money could keep undermining its economy and democracy


Venezuela is a textbook case of the “resource curse,” with nearly 90 percent of its population living in poverty in the country with the world’s largest oil reserves. After decades of leaders who failed to harness this commodity for peace and prosperity, it is questionable whether a new government can do a better job.

Venezuelans walk past a wall painted with the face of then presidential candidate Hugo Chávez. The leftist military leader tapped into a wave of discontent in the country with falling living standards and corrupt public institutions, December 1998.

Venezuela was once the richest, most stable, democracy in Latin America. What happened?

Venezuela used to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world. So what happened? The World’s Jason Margolis looks at the economic collapse that led to the election of Hugo Chávez in 1998.