Physical oceanography

Company making detergent bottles out of ocean plastic


The Pacific Ocean is filling with discarded plastic. One company wants to use that plastic to create recycled bottles.

What’s behind a coral reef’s beauty? You’ll never guess


Climate disruption and sea level rise


Japanese photographers volunteer to help tsunami, earthquake victims find memories

Greenland ice sheet experiences massive melt in mid-July


Huge ice island breaks off of Greenland glacier


A massive ice island broke off of the Petermann Glacier in Greenland. The iceberg, which contains enough fresh water to supply every American for half a year, is roughly twice the size of Manhattan in New York.

Research suggests ocean garbage patches may be bigger than once believed


New science is pointing to the ocean garbage patches being larger than previously believed. That’s because scientists think a lot of the plastic and other bits of trash in the ocean is actually swirling underwater, rather than collected along the surface.

VIDEO: Bangkok residents worry floodwaters will innundate city this weekend

As the tides rise in Thailand, flooding is getting worse in parts of Bangkok. There are fears that with even higher tides forecast for this weekend, flooding could inundate parts of the city that have so far remained dry.

Documenting the world’s monster waves

Arts, Culture & Media

‘The Wave’ follows big wave surfers, mariners and scientists who have encountered huge waves and have lived to tell the tale.

Aceh’s Orphans

Donations have generously helped tsunami survivors in Aceh, but the neediest children in there these days are not tsunami survivors.