A portrait of Mamphela Ramphele

Joe Biden has called for unity. The African concept of Ubuntu offers a path.

Lifestyle & Belief

South African physician and anti-apartheid activist Mamphela Ramphele explains how the African concept of Ubuntu can bring communities together and support individuals at the same time.

Radio flourishing in post-Gadhafi Libya

Gadhafi’s son accused of war crimes, mass killing in Libya

Why is France So Ready to Intervene & Support The U.S. in Syria?

Summer in the Global Village: Fela Kuti’s Spirit is Summoned to Lincoln Center

Global Hit

In Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte, mixed feelings on ‘free’ Libya

Sirte was the location of some of the fiercest fighting of Libya’s revolution, the final holdout and the place where Muammar Gaddafi himself holed up in his last weeks and days. Now, as Libya awaits results of its first, free elections, not everyone in Sirte is equally excited.

BBC reporter who stayed in Libya through civil war releases new book

Arts, Culture & Media

Rana Jawad lived in Libya for years before the country was ripped apart by civil war and the Arab Spring. So when most western journalists pulled out, Jawad stayed. She reported on-air until that became impossible, but continued to report online until Gaddafi was killed. She’s realeased a book with her story.

Libyan government trying to recover assets from toppled dictator Gaddafi

As Libya moves into a post-Moammar Gaddafi world, the government is trying to recover the assets that Gaddafi had stashed overseas for his own, personal fain. They’re working, for example, to seize a luxury mansion in the U.K.

Investigation uncovers unacknowledged civilian casualties from NATO’s Libyan strikes

A New York Times investigation found that between 40 and 70 Libyan civilians were killed during the NATO-led bombing campaign that ultimately helped oust Muammar Gaddafi from power.

Libya struggling to gain control of thousands of illegal guns in homes

In the aftermath of the overthrow of Moammar Gaddafi, Libya is trying to get guns and heavy weaponry off the streets. So far, it hasn’t proved easy.