Canada moves to regulate antibacterial chemical triclosan while FDA continues lengthy review


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is in the middle of a lengthy review of the chemical triclosan — a product that’s in countless consumer products like toothpaste and soap. There’s a movement to try and get the product more stringently regulated in the United States — or banned outright. And they might have just gotten a boost from Canada.

Research discovers link between industrial cleaning chemicals, Parkinson’s

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Arctic gender imbalance

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Discovering New Causes of Parkinson’s

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Mexican Soccer Players Blame the Beef

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Welcome PCBs!

Political commentator Jim Hightower satirizes the hottest business opportunity in the global economy  ? toxic waste incineration.

The Dangers of Triclosan

A chemical commonly found in toothpaste and anti-bacterial soap may disrupt thyroid function in humans.

Belgium Dioxin Scare

Steve talks with journalist Chris White about Europe’s most serious food scare since 1996. Meat products and byproducts have been pulled off the shelves in Belgium, and countries all over the world are refusing Belgian exports after it was discovered that thousands of pounds of animal feed had been contaminated with the carcinogen dioxin. The […]

Shintech: Proposed Plastics Plant Looks Elsewhere

In the face of protests and complaints of environmental racism, the Shintech Corporation of Japan has announced it won’t build a plastics plant in Convent, Louisiana. The company says it will try its luck in another Louisiana town, Plaquemine, about 40 miles away. Shintech wanted to locate its new polyvinyl chloride plant in Convent, a […]

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Ontario Plastics Fire

For 4 days last July a black toxic cloud hung over the city of Hamilton, Canada’s steel city on the shores of Lake Ontario. It was the worst fire in Hamilton’s history, and one of the worst fires of its kind in the world. The Hamilton conflagration was a plastics fire. Polyvinyl chloride or PVC, […]