Occupy movement in the United States

A pro-democracy protester carries a yellow umbrella, symbol of the Occupy Central civil disobedience movement, while gathering with other protesters at Mong Kok shopping district in Hong Kong on November 27, 2014.

Hong Kong’s leaderless protests may mark a new evolution in leadership


Just who runs protests in places like Kiev and Hong Kong? It’s not an easy question to answer, but that doesn’t mean the protest movements in those places lack energy or direction. In fact, their loose structure may be a new model for political organization.

‘The Protester’ named Time magazine’s Person of the Year

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Occupy Wall Street protesters take to vacant, foreclosed homes

UC-Davis Chancellor insists she ordered not to use force on peaceful protesters (with video)

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VIDEO: UC-Davis police officers placed on administrative leave following pepper spray incident

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VIDEO: New York Police evict Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zucotti Park

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After nearly two months, the New York Police swept into Zucotti Park Tuesday night, ordering Occupy Wall Street protesters to leave the park with their belongings, or be arrested. About 150 protesters were taken into police custody.

Is this the end (or the beginning?) of the Occupy Wall Street protests?

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Many conservatives are taking signs of tension and disorganization as indication that the Occupyn Wall Street movements are coming to a close. But for many liberals, this is just a reorganization of the beginning.

VIDEO: Thousands Occupy Oakland, shutting down port

The Port of Oakland is shutdown Wednesday night as protesters in the Occupy Oakland movement conduct a general strike. About 10,000 people are reportedly participating.

Occupy Wall Street-inspired protests testing response of local governments

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As the Occupy Wall Street protests wear on around the country, local governments in Oakland, San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, Boston and other places are taking differing approaches to the demonstrations.

Tahrir Square protester draws similarities, critiques Occupy Wall Street movement

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Though their protests share some striking similarities, there are clear differences between the Occupy Wall Street protest and those in Egypt’s Tahrir Square. Among them? The Egyptians are much better at marketing.