A child looks at a TV screen in a living room with orange painted walls.

Pandemic learning in Mexico requires thinking outside the screen

Millions of schoolchildren across Mexico began the academic year this week in front of a TV. But teachers in Oaxaca say televised classes won’t meet fundamental educational needs and many families lack the technology to keep up, deepening Mexico’s socioeconomic divide.

People are shown walking around at Tlaxiaco’s market, with the steeples of the Santa Maria de la Asunción church in the distance.

Radio waves connect Mexicans in remote Tlaxiaco with family in the US

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A woman scrapes mortar off of a salvaged brick with a flat end of a chisel so the brick can be reused.

‘Symbolic rubble’ from crumbling adobe homes preserves the past and eases trauma after Mexico earthquake

Mexico City

When disaster hits home: The Mexico City quake one month on

A man drives an oxcart past the rubble of what was once a traditional-style home in Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca.

In Oaxaca, thousands of aftershocks mean no one’s getting much sleep

Demonstrators clash with riot police as they take part during a march demanding the resignation of President Enrique Pena Nieto in downtown Mexico City, Mexico, September 15, 2016.

Thousands protest for Mexico’s Pena Nieto to resign immediately


Demonstrators across Mexico demanded on Thursday that President Enrique Pena Nieto resign over his handling of drug violence, corruption and his meeting with Donald Trump.

Los Angeles immigrant community pushes to keep Zapotec language alive

Global Politics

In an area of Los Angeles heavy with immigrants, there’s a movement to keep an old language from a Mexican village alive. The Zapotec language is at risk of dying out by 2050, but it could be saved by people who have immigrated to Los Angeles.

Mexico faces problems of its own with undocumented people

Conflict & Justice

Mexico requires parents to register their children when they’re born in order to get a birth certificate. It’s not done automatically, like it typically is in the United States. But many of Mexico’s poorest people don’t bother, which can leave those children disadvantaged for life.

Pope to skip Mexico City on Latin America trip

Lifestyle & Belief

Pope Benedict XVi is travelling to Mexico this weekend to say mass and meet the faithful. But he’s coming at a time of deep division among Mexican Catholics. Mexico City has passed liberal laws allowing for same-sex marriage and abortions — two practices banned by the Catholic Church and in much of the rest of Mexico.

Oxnard Group Trying to Make ‘Oaxaquita’ Epithet Illegal

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Officials in the city of Oxnard, in the Los Angeles area have made it illegal to use the term “oaxaquita.”