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This image made from a video released by Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant shows bright flaring object landing in grounds of the nuclear plant in Enerhodar, Ukraine

A Ukrainian nuclear plant survived Russian attack. But it raises security concerns over reactors in war zones, analyst says.


Atomic safety experts say that a war fought amid nuclear reactors represents an unprecedented and highly dangerous situation. Henry Sokolski, the executive director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, talked with The World’s Carol Hills about the risks.

France's President Emmanuel Macron wears a flowers leis and seashell necklaces gestures as he speaks up on his arrival as the mayor Manihi John Drollet stands next to him at the Manihi Atoll, 312 miles northeast of Tahiti, French Polynesia.

New study on nuclear testing in French Polynesia reveals France’s ‘censorship and secrecy’

Nuclear reactors of No. 5, center left, and 6 look over tanks storing water that was treated but still radioactive, at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant

Plan to dump Fukushima’s radioactive water into ocean causes outcry

Two hands hold a beige booklet.

Has Kazakhstan forgotten about its Polygon test survivors?

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A worker at the Savannah River Site in South Carolina uses a glovebox to handle hazardous materials. The Savannah River Site is one of the locations the Trump administration is considering to host a ramp-up in nuclear warhead production.

The US is set to ramp up nuclear warhead production. But key proposed sites are plagued by safety problems.


After the Cold War, US struggles with a glut of poisonous plutonium


William Potter, director of the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, told Reuters: “We are in a much more dangerous situation today than we were in the Cold War.”

The Kakadu National Park uranium mining area.

To make and maintain America’s nukes, some communities pay the price


From Nevada to the Navajo Nation and on to the islands of the Pacific, certain communities have been asked to shoulder a disproportionate share of the cost to build and maintain nuclear weapons.

ICBM in North Korea.

How to build and deliver a nuclear weapon


Here are some steps on how to build — and deliver — a nuclear weapon.

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What you need to know about modern nuclear war


Science Friday host Ira Flatow spoke to three nuclear experts to learn more about what modern nuclear war might look like.

US Secretary of State John Kerry and US Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz sit side-by-side on April 2, 2015, in Lausanne, Switzerland, before the P5+1 member nations held a meeting to discuss ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran.

The Iran nuclear deal wouldn’t have been possible without computer models

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The Iran nuclear deal covers thousands of centrifuges and hundreds of kilograms of uranium and many other numbers and portions of substances and technologies. Those numbers are far from random, too. The technical details of the framework agreement were based on complex models developed by the US Department of Energy.