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Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López kisses his wife Lilian Tintori with their son and daughter after a news conference in Madrid on Oct. 27, 2020. López who has abandoned the Spanish ambassador's residence in Caracas and left Venezuela after years

Exiled Venezuelan dissident says Sunday’s National Assembly elections are a ‘fraud’

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Leopoldo López, in exile in Spain, is speaking out against the Venezuelan National Assembly elections being held Sunday by the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

A man wearing a face mask carries a mattress at a makeshift camp

Options dwindle for Venezuelan migrants across Latin America during the pandemic

A man wears jeans and plaid shirt with back to camera facing mountain range

Venezuelan military defectors struggle to get by while Maduro holds onto power

People walk across a bridge at the border with Venezuela 

Opinion: Venezuela needs a new strategy to emerge from its crisis

Flags of many countries carried by protesters fill the frame.

Power outage: How did global leadership change in 2019?

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A four-piece punk band is shown playing to a crowd and bathed in red lights.

Rage against the crisis: Venezuela’s punk scene finds a new voice in Bogotá


Exilio was formed by three Venezuelan migrants who came together in Bogotá, Colombia, after leaving their friends and family behind to seek a new start. The crisis in Venezuela has produced a new wave of angry youth expressing their rage through heavy guitar riffs and howling vocals.

A man speaks into microphones

Maduro regime kills, tortures, with ‘minimal consequences,’ says opposition lawmaker


President Nicolás Maduro’s government has accused more than 20 lawmakers of treason and conspiracy or similar crimes, most recently on Monday. The World’s Marco Werman speaks with opposition politician Juan Andrés Mejía, who recently fled to the US to avoid being detained by Maduro’s regime.

Man stands wearing white shirt in front of a hotel.

Venezuela’s ex-military deserted Maduro hoping for a revolution. Now they’re on the brink of homelessness.


Over 1,400 defectors and their families are holed up in hotels in Cúcuta, Colombia, where they are registered as asylum-seekers, according to Colombia’s migration authority. But funding has run out.

Cubans hold a sign of unity in red lettering on May Day.

Cuban president fires back at Trump on Venezuela and sanctions

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Millions of Cubans took to the streets on Wednesday in protest over new sanctions imposed on the Caribbean island by the Trump administration and US efforts to topple the government of socialist ally Venezuela.

audience at a comedy show in venezuela

Venezuela’s crisis is a tragedy — but comedy gold for satire, cartoons and memes

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The rise of black comedy to explain Venezuela’s chaos recalls an old saying in the crisis-stricken South American country: ‘Laugh so you don’t cry.’