New York City

Migrants and asylum seekers attend the Sunday Spanish-language service at The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Brooklyn, New York.

New York City urges migrants to find shelter elsewhere, but many don’t know where to turn


New York City has opened 188 shelters, including several humanitarian relief centers. But with 56,200 migrants currently living there, the shelter population is at an all-time high.

Cars head along FDR Drive next to the Manhattan skyline in New York

A New York proposal could allow noncitizens in the city to vote in elections

A woman speaks to a crowd gathered around her.

Statue of Liberty climber says she’s not done protesting ‘white supremacy’

Overhead view of congregation in pews, while woman stands at podium speaking

In New York, volunteers engage in a quiet form of advocacy for immigrants facing deportation

In Trump's America
Close-up of woman in kitchen, looking at phone

A bill to allow divorce in the Philippines could mean freedom for some women in New York


Roy DeCarava

Arts, Culture & Media

WNYC’s Sara Fishko talks to a photographer who for decades has been looking at the joys and sorrows of the human condition.

Street Math

Arts, Culture & Media

Every Wednesday at noon in Times Square, New York City, educator George Nobl sets up a table. He lays out different math problems that need to be tackled and a row of Snickers bars for anybody who gets them right.

Franco the Great

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The steel storefront gates along 125th Street become brightly colored canvases for one of Harlem’s most prolific mural painters.


Arts, Culture & Media

In 1978, in the worst urban blight New York City had ever experienced, the filmmaker Henry Hills found the arts thriving in the in the cracks in the asphalt. He filmed dancers improvising in vacant lots, poets giving lectures on the street, and composers like John Zorn giving loft concerts. The performances were cheap to […]

What Do You Love to Read? Part 3

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More from the Queens Public Library — it circulates 16.8 million books a year, more than any other library in the country. Produced by Sarah Nobles and Rob Weisberg. Part 3.