Tens of thousands of demonstrators fill Munich’s Ludwigstraße, one of the cities main boulevards, in protest against recent revelations about a meeting between members of the far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD).

‘I’m here to fight for democracy’: Tens of thousands protest against the far-right in Germany


The AfD, or Alternative for Germany, has been around for over a decade and has significant public support. But there’s been widespread protests against them since news broke that AfD members had met with neo-Nazis to discuss mass deportations from Germany.

Black, red and yellow German flag waves on top of a building

A new documentary tracks the latest rise in far-right, neo-Nazism in Germany

 Anika Färber is a trainer for The Network for Democracy and Courage, or NDC, one of several organizations in Germany confronting racism.

In Germany, fighting against extremism starts at school

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A bright red banner depicting anti-racist Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas is seen, as demonstrators protest at the close of the trial for leaders and members of the far-right Golden Dawn, in Athens, Greece, Oct. 7, 2020.

Greeks celebrate court ruling on neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn

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A sign with the written word nazi in black appears near the blue lights of a police vehicle

Misusing culture in international politics: Part II

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Commander Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement, one of the largest white nationalist type groups in the country, speaks during a rally at the state capital in Little Rock, Arkansas,

White nationalism, born in the USA, is now a global terror threat

As more people embrace a xenophobic and anti-immigrant worldview, it is fueling hostility and violence toward those deemed “outsiders” — whether because of their religion, skin color or national origin.

Flowers and a photo of car-ramming victim Heather Heyer lie at a makeshift memorial in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The US car-attack in Charlottesville ‘fits definition’ of domestic terrorism, Sessions says


An attack on a crowd of protesters using a car as a battering ram fits the definition of domestic terrorism, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday.

Members of a white supremacy group give the fascist salute during a Wisconsin gathering in 2011.

A mixed-race German confronts white supremacists face-to-face, including the Klan


As one of the first black women to ever appear on German television, Mo Asumang has faced her share of hate — mainly from the neo-Nazis of Germany. And she decided to confront the haters, including American KKK members, in a documentary exploring how the Nazi’s appropriated the Aryan identity from Iran.

An Overland Park, Kansas, police officer guards the entrance to the scene of a shooting at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City in Overland Park, Kansas April 13, 2014. Three people were killed in shootings at Jewish centers in Kansas on Sun

The killings at a Jewish community center in Kansas show the white supremacist side of America

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Three people are dead in a Kansas City suburb after a man with deep ties to neo-Nazi groups opened fire outside a Jewish community center and retirement home. Several other people were injured.Three people are dead in a Kansas City suburb after a man with deep ties to neo-Nazi groups opened fire outside a Jewish community center and retirement home. Several other people were injured.

Far-right Golden Dawn party leader Nikos Mihaloliakos (R) is escorted by anti-terrorism police officers as he arrives at a courthouse in Athens September 28, 2013.

Greeks are seeing the neo-Nazi face of the popular Golden Dawn party

Conflict & Justice

Until recently, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party enjoyed substantial popularity in Greece. Then, two weeks ago, a Golden Dawn member admitted to killing anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas. In the following days, Greek authorities arrested more than 20 Golden Dawn members, including much of the party’s leadership.