Students gather to take a group picture during the library repat the University of Mosul in front of the theatre on Feb. 19, 2022.

After years of conflict and rebuilding, Mosul University’s Central Library marks new beginning  


The library’s reopening on Feb. 19 represents a significant milestone in the return of arts and literature to a city whose culture became a target of the militants. 

An archbishop blesses a man with his golden cross

Iraqi archbishop who helped save ancient manuscripts from ISIS nominated for EU award

Human rights
The front of mosque is seen amid rubble. Behind the door, is a distinctive blue dome.

On Yom Kippur, remembering Mosul’s rich and diverse past

After ISIS counterattack, Iraqi forces continue bloody offensive in Mosul

Mosul minaret

Iconic ‘Hadba’ minaret destroyed as ISIS loses ground in Mosul

The World

Watch Live: Trump meets with Jordan’s King Abdullah

Global Politics

The meeting between the Middle Eastern leader and the Presidents comes right after a chemical attack on Syrian civilians and a meeting with Egypt’s leader el-Sisi. The two are expected to talk about the fight against terrorism and ISIS.

A displaced Iraqi woman, who fled from clashes between Iraqi forces and Islamic State militants, in Mosul, Iraq

ISIS has found a new, deadly use for human shields in Mosul


The militant group seems to be arranging for residents in Mosul to be struck and killed by US-led coalition airstrikes in order to boost civilian death counts and create controversy around the coalition campaign.

A woman and her child, having fled Qayyarah, arrive at a front line position.

Life under ISIS is ‘endlessly frightening and endlessly tedious’


Fear and boredom are front and center in territory held by ISIS extremists in Iraq.

Some of the art at risk in Nimrud.

‘When I heard that ISIS is bulldozing the ancient city of Nimrud, I cried’


Iraq says ISIS has begun bulldozing the ancient city of Nimrud, once the capital of the Assyrian Empire, near Mosul. If true, it would be an enormous loss and an attack on the shared heritage of humanity.

A man looks at an ancient Assyrian statue of a winged bull with a human head at the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad on February 28, 2015.

After more than a decade, Iraq’s national treasures go back on display


Last week, a group of ISIS fighters destroyed ancient statues and artifacts in the museum of Mosul. Iraqi government responded on Sunday by re-opening the Baghdad Museum, giving people in Baghdad their first glimpse of national treasures in more than a decade.