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It’s time for the US to rethink Huntington’s philosophy: Part I

Critical State

Critical State’s next two editions of Deep Dive examine recent critiques of famed political scientist Samuel Huntington’s work and the role he continues to play in shaping American security policy. Political scientist Risa Brooks takes aim at Huntington’s “The Soldier and the State” for the paradoxes that its recommendations cause for members of the military.

Jason Torres and Daniel Fienco, "I Was There" participants, line up a shot for their film "What's Really Important"

The grandson of ‘Old Blood and Guts’ makes film, not war


Author Ishmael Beah recounts his childhood as a boy soldier

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Sierra Leone mental health

Health & Medicine

Remembering the Holocaust: the Thersienstadt Ghetto

Libya Struggles To Establish The Rule Of Law

Conflict & Justice

Fawaz Gerges of the London School of Economics tells Marco Werman that Libya is an ‘institutional wasteland.’

Retiring Generals in Turkey have Many Looking for What Comes Next

Global Politics

The resignation of Turkey’s military command is seen as recognition that the civilian government now calls the shots.

Plan to Kill Gadhafi is Risky for Libya and the US

Libyan rebels believe their struggle against Moammar Gadhafi is gaining momentum and that the dictator’s fall from power is impending, after the International Criminal Court issued a  warrant  for his arrest yesterday. And today, there’s further pressure on the dictator, as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee meets to consider a bill by Sens. John Kerry (D-MA) and […]

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ICC Accuses Gaddhafi of Promoting Policy of Rape

Conflict & Justice

We talk with Lara Setrakian, correspondent for ABC News and Bloomberg Television, who’s reporting on this story from Libya and speaking with some of the alleged rape victims.

The World

Libyan woman who spoke of rapes

Conflict & Justice

Anchor Marco Werman has an update on the story of Iman al-Obeidi. It’s been a week since she burst into a Tripoli hotel where foreign journalists were and told them she’d been raped. Her whereabouts are unknown, but her family is fighting for her honor.