Me Too movement

Photo of Taiwan's Vice President Lai Ching-te

Taiwan’s political parties beset by sexual harassment allegations


Taiwan is having a #MeToo reckoning about sexual harassment in politics, several years after other parts of the world. Despite the relatively high number of women in public office, many instances of sexual harassment in the political scene have been ignored or covered up.

Tennis star Peng Shuai playing in the dark, with only her face and the ball brightly lit

What the Peng Shuai saga tells us about Beijing’s grip on power and desire to crush a #MeToo moment

Video still from a Tik Tok video

This teen’s TikTok video takes on Malaysia’s toxic culture of misogyny

Sexual violence
A man wears a black shiny outfit and performs with backup dancers

The 7 global music trends from the past decade

Mark Tercek

A #MeToo scandal engulfs The Nature Conservancy

members of the Ethiopian diaspora

Ethiopian women abroad give abuse survivors a new platform — and a new voice

Women & Gender

The documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” brought attention to African American girls who were victims of sexual abuse by an older man. For those in the Ethiopian community, the film opened up the floodgates.

a woman gestures at police officers

Long before #MeToo, women in many parts of the world organized successful campaigns against sexual violence

While the success of #MeToo testifies to the power of social media in putting the spotlight on the culture of misogyny across the world, it’s not the first movement of its kind. Women in countries such as India, Pakistan and others have long organized successful campaigns against sexual harassment.

Chinese feminist

The Chinese feminists fighting patriarchy in China from abroad

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While China’s government has cracked down on women’s rights activists through censorship, an informal network of Chinese citizens living abroad are working to support their efforts to combat sexual harassment and inequality back home. They want to bring the stories of activists and other women in China to international audiences.

France MeToo

LOL League harassment restarts #MeToo conversation in France

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​​​​​​​The private Facebook group was was made up of prominent French journalists — mostly men — who were behind a wave of online insults aimed at women, the LGBTQIA+ community, people of color, and other minority groups.

two students stand outside the Yasuda auditorium at the University of Tokyo

Japanese student rejects tabloid’s apology for ranking women by ‘easiness’

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Kazuna Yamamoto is a college student who started an online petition to get a Japanese tabloid magazine to apologize for an article that rated Japan’s universities according to how easy it is for men to get female students to have sex with them. She succeeded and along the way got 40,000+ responses to her online appeal.