Workers use machines to move containers. The vehicles are dwarfed by tall stacks of containers — piled about six high — on all sides.

Why China can’t meet Trump’s $200 billion trade demand

There are three ways to reduce the $375 billion deficit — but all of them are long shots.

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Minimum wage increase coming to several states

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US hints at frustration with Chinese monetary policy

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Markets take hit as jobless claims rise

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Quantitative easing: the fed’s latest attempt to improve the economy

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The recession’s impact on women

The New York Times’ Sewell Chan reports on a new White House study on the impact of the recession on women.

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gathers with other Democratic Party senate members and Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray (L) on the steps of the US Capitol.

The political chaos in Washington is creating jitters overseas

Washington’s latest round of political implosion could have negative impact on the global economy and US credibility abroad.

Janet Yellen appears to have open path to leadership of Federal Reserve

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Janet Yellen, federal reserve vice chairwoman, became the front-runner in the search for the next chairman of the Fed right after candidate Larry Summers withdrew his name from consideration. Summers ultimately feared a divided Congress would prevent his approval. Yellen is expected to maintain much of the Fed’s current policies.

Spanish turning to carrots to protest higher taxes on cultural events

Spain hiked its taxes on cultural events as it faces mounting debts and budget deficits. And those higher taxes have greatly reduced the attendance and theaters and other arts establishments. But one theater, and now several other groups, have found a way to make the law work for them — with carrots.

U.S. Federal Reserve takes steps to bolster flagging economy

The Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee is hoping to cut unemployment by injecting more capital into the economy. This is third attempt by the Fed board to stimulate the economy and get people working again.