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Japan’s Military Priorities Now Focus on China

Conflict & Justice

A national review of Japan’s military forces has resulted in a change in their focus: potential threats to stability coming from China. Japanese leaders now see the military of their gargantuan neighbor as a threat to stability in the region, along with North Korea. China replied this morning to the review, condemning the move. Will […]

Far from Pacific home, Micronesians making Missouri home

Roma in Northern Hungary Have Their Water Supply Cut Off

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Takeaway Host John Hockberry Checks in From Africa

Far From the Pacific, Micronesians Increasingly Call Missouri Home

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Spain’s Ongoing Decade of Self-Delusion

As one economist recently put it, in just a single decade Spain has gone from semi-rural backwater to Europe’s fourth largest economy, and back again.

The Euro Crisis Intensifies: Questions on Greece and the Debt

Greece spent a decade working to become a full member of the European Union. Now it appears it’s doing its best to get thrown out. At a summit meeting in Brussels last night, Euro leaders stepped up contingency planning for a possible Greek exit from the euro zone. Meanwhile, Europe’s leaders are struggling to overcome […]

Top of the Hour: Italian Senate to Vote on Austerity Measures, Morning Headlines

The Italian Senate will vote Friday on a long-delayed austerity package which European leaders hope will help avoid bailing out the Continent’s third largest economy.

Top of the Hour: Markets React to European Instability, Morning Headlines

Interest rates on Italian debt rose on Tuesday to 6.74 percent, a level that has led to bailouts in other countries. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi faces a no confidence vote later Tuesday.

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Korean City Hosts UN Conference On Desertification

Which South Korean city is hosting a UN meeting at the moment?