Members of the South Korean Confederation of Trade Unions wearing masks and costumes inspired by the Netflix original Korean series "Squid Game" attend a rally demanding job security in Seoul, South Korea

Netflix hit ‘Squid Game’ exposes the growing resentment between rich and poor, psychiatrist says

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The new Netflix psychological thriller series “Squid Game” is intense and brutal — but it’s also fiction. Why does it have such far-reaching impact around the world? Psychiatrist Jean Kim discusses the history of the Koreas and how it affects today’s popular culture with The World’s host Marco Werman.

A North Korean soldier keeps watch toward the south through a binocular telescope

South Korea just repatriated two North Korean fishermen. Why?

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A man wearing a white robe delivers a speech and uses his hand to emphasize a point

Just ‘empty’ words? South Korea’s Moon calls for peace with North Korea by 2045.

Police control crowd in protest with signs with Korean letters.

South Korean aid to North Korea could be a game changer — if North Korea accepts it

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A black and white photo of a large family

For many, international adoption isn’t just a new family. It’s the loss of another life.

Won Hyung-joon leads the Lindenbaum Festival Orchestra and hopes one day to perform together with North Korean musicians.

Why ‘Arirang’ is the perfect song for a divided Korea


A South Korean violinist has long dreamed of bringing together North and South Koreans musicians for a musical reunification. He almost made it happen.


My crutches: The story of a North Korean defector

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Ji Seong-ho, 35, a North Korean defector who appeared at President Trump’s State of the Union address this week, is from Hoeryong, near the border with China. He told Reuters last year about the wooden crutches that he left North Korea with in 2006.


Two Koreas will march together at the Olympics

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They also agreed to form a unified women’s ice hockey team and the South said it will send its skiers to the Masikryong ski resort in the North for joint training with North Korean skiers ahead of the Games.

Members of North Korea-led International Taekwondo Federation demonstrate their skills at the World Taekwondo Headquarters 'Kukkiwon'

Is taekwondo the key to peace between North and South Korea?

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After months of giving South Korea the cold shoulder, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said in his New Year’s speech that he was willing to send a delegation to the 2018 Olympics in the south.

Korea's Godfather of Rock Shin Joong-hyun got his start as a teenage guitarist at the Yongsan Garrison in Seoul. Now the US military base is closing.

The US military’s Yongsan Garrison leaves a mixed legacy in Seoul


The US military is closing its Yongsan military base in the South Korean capital. For people who grew up around the base, it was where they learned about American music, culture and food. But it’s also leaving behind environmental problems.