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A man in a Guy Fawkes mask smokes while joining supporters of the Anonymous movement taking part in the global "Million Mask March" protests in New York, on November 5, 2014.

For many geeks, Anonymous is the gateway drug to political and social activism


Anonymous has evolved from a band of online pranksters into a legitimate group focused on social activism. But just how much impact is it making? It’s uneven, but that doesn’t mean the group isn’t making a difference, especially in the lives of budding activists.

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Voters voices from around the country

Global Politics

Despite law, some new Americans may not get voting support they need

Global Politics

Egyptians have high hopes for presidential election, despite questions of fairness

National Security Agency calls hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’ a threat to national security

Global Politics

Internet freedom or real-world hypocrisy


The revolution in Tunisia is being hailed as a victory for internet freedoms, but government control is causing real problems.

Good news: some industries still hiring

There is still such a thing as a growth industry — look for jobs in accounting, advertising and health fields.

Early votes and election outcome

Global Politics

Record numbers of Americans voted early this year — how these votes are possible predictors of the election’s outcome.

Trouble with voting machines

Global Politics

Early voters in West Virginia and Florida find their votes are being mangled by voting machines.

The Solutionism Trap

Technology can turn dry reporting into poetry and can revolutionize newsrooms, but it can drive us crazy – and make us less unproductive too. Your stories about the technology you could do with out underscore that technological gains often come at a price. Evgeny Morozov  says the trouble might not be in the technology itself, but […]