Immigration detention

Advocates gather outside the county building in McHenry County, Woodstock, Illinois, on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

ICE contracts at local, regional level spark contentious debate


Without a federal mandate to end immigration detention in county jails and private detention centers, advocates continue turn to local and state lawmakers to act.

An inmate wearing an orange suit mops near blue plastic bags inside a detention center.

Immigrants, rights activists call on Biden to end private detention

Three men wearing orange prison suits fold their hands in their laps and wear blue shoes.

ICE detainees go on hunger strike to press for COVID-19 protections

A detainee talks with an employee in an exam room in the medial unit during a media tour at Northwest ICE Processing Center

ICE gets sued to release immigrant detainees amid COVID-19 pandemic

An aerial view of a detention center

Australia detained this family on a remote island — alone

Man sits behind large stack of papers, brown envelopes

When the government wrongly deports people, coming back to the US is almost impossible


It took 16 years for Herberth Cortez Gaitan to have his asylum case heard, 9 more for him to be deported — and 2 years for him to return to the US after a federal court found that immigration judges had made a mistake.

Woman at podium wipes away tears, while man stands next to her

Former detainees tell New Mexico legislators about abuses in immigration detention as county seeks to renew contracts


It is rare for legislators at the state level to take action to limit the federal immigration agency. At a recent hearing, advocates asked New Mexico to do just that.

People stand on side of road in front of trees holding signs; one reads "Shut Down Berks"

Despite losing its state child care license — and years of claims of abuses — an immigrant family detention center in Pennsylvania made room for more families


Advocates say the state is turning a blind eye to violations of state law by allowing the Berks County Residential Center to remain in operation.

Newly arriving Jewish refugee from the Nazi Holocaust wave from the ship "S.S. Awarea" as it pulls into Haifa port on April 6, 1948.

Deporting asylum-seekers without giving them a chance to make their case would violate US and international laws


President Donald Trump’s tweets show an “ignorance of the law,” says immigration attorney Charles Kuck.

Sign in front of center

Why the Trump administration is asking the courts to remove safeguards for detaining migrant children


The court ruling in question says if migrant children are detained, it should be short and in facilities that are more like childcare facilities than prisons.