Hurricane Sandy

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A new novel imagines a partially submerged New York City in the year 2140


Hurricane Sandy gave New Yorkers a taste of a city under water. A new novel imagines a future in which this is the new normal.

A young girl runs on the rocks under the skyline of lower Manhattan in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The South Street Seaport area, on Manhattan's Lower East Side, saw some of the worst flooding during Superstorm Sandy.

Are US cities prepared for a post-Hurricane Sandy future?

Dutch ecologist and dike designer Mindert de Vries stands on top of one of the new "soft" dikes being built near the Rhine River delta city of Dordrecht. Dutch innovations in flood control are helping reduce the adverse effects of older dike technologies.

With the waters rising, the Dutch find eco-friendly ways to keep them at bay

Sonia Guinansaca and Susana Garcia of the activist group CultureStrike will be carrying these images of crops and animals threatened by climate change in Sunday’s People’s Climate March in New York City.

When environmental activists march in New York, look for immigrants at the head of the parade

Post-Sandy rebuilding in New Jersey

In post-Sandy New York, a Dutch architect pushes oysters, islands and inlets to fight future floods

Brooklyn-based piano player Richard Bennett.

A raga man plays the Hurricane Sandy blues

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Hurricane Sandy reshaped the New York and New Jersey coastline. The storm’s aftermath also helped reshape the music of pianist Richard Bennett,

In Sandy’s wake, Scientists Explore Links Between Warming Arctic and Extreme Weather


Months before both this year’s record Arctic ice melt and Hurricane Sandy, a climatologist identified changing weather patterns that suggest links between the two seemingly separate events. Sam Eaton reports from New Jersey. In the first of two special reports for The World and the PBS program NOVA, Sam Eaton reports from New Jersey.