Hurricane Matthew

flooding in norht carolina

‘Hope to hopelessness’: Will government step up after second storm? 


A North Carolina county with little clout looks to Washington for help.


Here are the real lessons from flawed responses to Haiti’s disasters

Ertha Papillon

With no public officials in sight, a local Haitian leader takes matters into her own hands

Hillary Clinton's campaign office in Little Haiti

Clinton’s complicated history in Haiti has some voters saying, why vote at all?

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Houses damaged by Hurricane Matthew, in Corail, Haiti

Cholera spreads in Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew

Men salvage metal sheets from a destroyed house after Hurricane Matthew ravaged Jeremie, Haiti.

Almost 1 million Haitians are in ‘urgent need of humanitarian assistance’ after Hurricane Matthew


Before it was downgraded on Sunday to a post-tropical cyclone, Matthew hit southern Haiti extremely hard on Tuesday, killing hundreds of people. The impoverished nation has begun three days of mourning.

A girl trudges through a flooded area after Hurricane Matthew in Les Cayes, Haiti.

PHOTOS: Hurricane Matthew’s destructive path through Haiti


Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti shortly after daybreak Tuesday as a Category 4 storm wreaking havoc on the Americas’ poorest nation. The deadly storm, now on its way to the Bahamas after pummeling the Dominican Republic and Cuba is considered the worst storm in nearly a decade to hit the Caribbean.