Hurricane Irma

Puerto Ricans wait to get cash out of an ATM in San Juan ahead of Tropical Storm Dorian on Aug. 28, 2019.

In Puerto Rico, Hurricane Dorian’s tropical winds blow up fear and frustration among residents

The islands — still recovering, slowly and haltingly, from the catastrophic impacts of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 — dodged a bullet, but the threat of a direct hit was enough to trigger the entire country into a state of anxious preparation and reflection.

Soldiers of the Puerto Rico National Guard and volunteers of the Puerto Rico State Guard clear a road at Punta Santiago in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Scenes of utter devastation were found throughout the island after Hurricane Maria hit last September.

Report: FEMA wasn’t ready for Hurricane Maria, destruction in Puerto Rico

Devastation form Hurricane Irma in Sint Maarten.

How corruption slows disaster recovery

On Wednesday, the entire Island of Puerto Rico lost power. But before Wednesday's outage, after nearly eight months post-Hurricane Maria, 11 percent of the island was still living in darkness — including this apartment building in Coamo.`

Lights are out in Puerto Rico again. But for some, the power’s been out since Hurricane Maria.

Technician Alexis Portalatin stands next to rooftop solar panels he is connecting to a new Tesla battery storage system the San Juan suburb of Guaynabo. The storage system will allow the panels to operate separately from the power grid and supply electric

Hurricanes blew away Puerto Rico’s power grid. Now solar power is rising to fill the void.

Marc Noisette of Westchester County, New York fixes the cables on an electric post opposite the Cathedral of San Juan in the historic quarter of Puerto Rico's capital.

In San Juan, they’re going street by street, house by house, turning the lights back on

More than 450 power line workers from the New York area are on the ground in Puerto Rico trying to impose some order on the island’s battered electric grid.

TV meteorologist

In hurricane-prone Miami, one meteorologist is forecasting the future


John Morales was one of the first TV meteorologists to start talking about how climate change will impact his audience. Intense weather hit close to home this fall, as Hurricane Maria struck his home island of Puerto Rico.


Meet the women combing through Puerto Rico, searching for veterans in need


The VA team goes from one hurricane shelter to another, assisting veterans.

"River of Grass"

Will the Everglades be different after Hurricane Irma?


Hurricane Irma may have altered the ecosystem of the Everglades in Florida, restoring some of the dynamics that disappeared during decades of development.

Hurricane Irma destroyed home

As seas warm, small island states face a dangerous future


Caribbean islands have been battered by the record-breaking hurricanes Irma and Maria. They now face the monumental task of rebuilding thousands of homes and much of their infrastructure.