Protesters hold signs that say "We can end gun violence."

Mass shootings aren’t growing more common — and evidence contradicts common stereotypes about the killers

Despite how many people feel about the frequency and motivations of mass shootings, data shows us some unexpected results.

Before the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, five states had "red flag" statutes called gun violence restraining orders. Recently, Florida became the six state to add the statute.

Researchers still struggle to get funding to study gun violence

South African Olympic and Paralympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius leaves the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on September 11, 2014.

South African athlete Oscar Pistorius is acquitted of murder, but could face a lesser charge


Amazon infanticide

Health & Medicine

Arrest Made in the Texas DA Killings

Stand Your Ground Laws Lead to Rise in Justifiable Homicides, Report Says

Weak gun control laws are to blame for the rise in justifiable homicides, an investigation by The Guardian newspaper concludes. A higher rate of this type of killing occurs when that state has permissive gun laws or Stand Your Ground laws.  Harry Enten is a writer for The Guardian.

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Michael Jackson’s Death Ruled a Homicide

Arts, Culture & Media

Michael Jackson died of a fatal drug overdose, but death is now reportedly be treated as a homicide. To shed light on the latest news, The Takeaway speaks with Allison Samuels, national correspondent for Newsweek magazine.

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Evangelical missionaries campaign against Amazon infanticide

Lifestyle & Belief

In the Amazon, some native tribes are burying babies alive if they are born with birth defects. Evangelical Christian missionaries have launched a campaign against the practice. The Takeaway talks to Dan Harris, ABC News correspondent and anchor.

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Documentary sparks euthanasia debate

Arts, Culture & Media

The World’s Alex Gallafent tells us about a documentary set to air on British television tonight. It’s about assisted suicide…and it appears to show a man’s death on screen.