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Pajau Vangay

Scientist Pajau Vangay used to make ‘pretty code.’ Now, she studies guts.

Health & Medicine

For Vangay, the Immigrant Microbiome Project isn’t just about advancing scientific discovery in an ivory tower lab. It’s about social justice and making science more inclusive.

Chef Yia Vang

How Chef Yia Vang is putting his own twist on Hmong cuisine

Paul C. Lo is the first Hmong-American federal judge in history. He came to Colorado when he was 11 years old.

The first Hmong American judge didn’t always acknowledge his roots

Lifestyle & Belief

California community fuses traditional, western medicine to help Hmong immigrants

Health & Medicine

Hmong veterans of Vietnam War seek burial rights in military cemetaries

Global Politics

Rep. Keith Ellison on Islamophobia and Home-Grown Terrorism

Over the last few decades, the Twin Cities have become a magnet for new immigrants. In 1980, only three percent of Minneapolis and Saint Paul residents were foreign-born, compared to 15 percent in the 2010 Census. Many refugees have found a new home in the Twin Cities, including Hmong from Laos and the largest number […]

The World

Lia Lee: A Disabled Life that Changed the Face of Western Medicine

Arts, Culture & Media

e look back on the life and death of Lia Lee, the daughter of Hmong refugees immortalized in the best-selling book “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down.” Host Marco Werman talks with author Anne Fadiman.

A Hmong woman performs a ceremony

In California, Hmong shamans work with medical professionals


California’s Central Valley is home to thousands of Hmong refugees from Laos who often rely upon traditional shamans for their medical care.

Hmong Vets of the Vietnam War Seek Military Burial Rights

When we talk about the Vietnam War, we often talk about the draft, protestors, a no-win situation, and veterans’ rights.  But something we don’t always give attention to is this question: Who or what is a Vietnam vet?  It’s a question that’s haunted thousands of Hmong-Americans, who were trained, armed and paid by the CIA to fight […]

Teleconferencing to Connect War-Scattered Hmong Community

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Hmong people living in the US can call to tell stories, sing songs and share local news.