Harvard University

A students sits on the steps of Widener Library at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on Sept. 21, 2009.

Universities scramble to help international students stay in US after new visa restrictions


Trump administration rules issued this week have left many international students with lingering questions about whether they would be able to complete their degrees or return to their lives in the US. Universities are scrambling to find ways to keep their students in the country.

A student carries a box to her dorm at Harvard University

Coronavirus closures leave international students in limbo


Harvard affirmative action case far from over as plans for appeal begin

Students walking on the UCLA campus.

As decision nears in Harvard affirmative action case, another legal fight brews in California

robot insect

What can fly, swim and dive? This tiny robotic insect.

Chelsea Manning pictured in a photograph published to her Twitter account on May 18.

Harvard called ‘cowardly’ for rescinding offer to Chelsea Manning after pressure from veterans

Global Politics

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is at the center of a dispute after Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government invited, then disinvited her to become a visiting fellow.

Two Iranian scientists who work at a Harvard laboratory

How Iranian scientists at one Harvard lab are reacting to Trump’s immigration restrictions


Scientists from Iran loom large in the history of American innovation, but some Iranian Americans are considering moving elsewhere.

An engraving by William Miller of Newcastle in 1832

Newcastle University cuts its ties to coal


In the city once synonymous with coal, Newcastle University has pledged to divest from all holdings in “thermal coal” companies to help in the fight against climate change.

Bianca Tylek

How a Harvard Law student learned to tell her own story


Sometimes it can feel like children of immigrants in the United States have a duty to be grateful. But Bianca Tylek felt she had to speak out — after the public defacement of black faculty portraits at Harvard Law.


Cyber Ed: How higher education is re-evaluating a growing threat


Colleges are facing a tough choice: sacrifice security for the sake of access, or lock down their networks and undermine collaboration and sharing on campus.