Goldman Environmental Prize

McDaid and Lekalakala

Two friends from South Africa share the Goldman Environmental Prize


Two winners of the 2018 Goldman Environmental Prize were a team of grassroots activists from South Africa. Their efforts quashed a secret deal between Russia and the South African government to build expensive and wasteful nuclear power plants.

Goldman Prize winners

This community activist in LA helped end decades of environmental abuses by the Exide company

Guatemalan farmer and environmental activist Rodrigo Tot has won the prestigious Goldman prize.

A Guatemalan indigenous land rights activist wins the Goldman Environmental Prize

The Northeast Ecological Corridor covers 3,000 acres of prime oceanfront property on Puerto Rico's northern coast. In addition to its scenic and recreational value, it has enormous bilogical significance as a primary nesting ground for the endangered leat

A Puerto Rican scientist defends an ecological gem and wins a Goldman Environmental Prize

Maxima Acuña

Violence, death threats confront latest winner of prestigious environmental prize

Destiny Watford

A Baltimore student led a drive against an incinerator in her neighborhood. Now she’s won a major award.


Destiny Watford was still a high school student when she discovered a massive trash incinerator planned for her home town would likely be a source of choking pollution. Watford galvanized her fellow students and citizens to oppose the project and successfully stopped it.

Police detain environmental activist Evgenia Chirikova during an opposition rally in Moscow in 2012. Chirikova's efforts to save a protected forest ultimately made her a leading critic of the Russian government. Now after years of pressure from the govern

She opposed Putin. They tried to take away her kids.


One of Russia’s best-known environmental activists has joined the parade of Putin opponents who have left the country. But activist Evgenia Chirikova says she’ll continue her work from across the border in Estonia.

Culture and agriculture in Cuba

Diversity is needed for both strong culture and strong agriculture, according to Cuban musician and agricultural scientist Humberto Ríos Labrada.

Goldman Prize Winner Caroline Cannon

The Goldman Environmental Prize is awarded annually to grassroots activists across the globe. This year’s North American recipient works to keep Arctic waters safe for her native Inupiat community and the ecosystem that sustains them.

Goldman Prize Winner: Ms. Kory Johnson

Every year the Goldman foundation of San Francisco awards six 100-thousand dollar prizes to environmental activists from each of the five continents and the island nations. The young woman who joins us now is Kory Johnson, of Phoenix, Arizona where is a freshman at Arizona State University. When she was only nine years old, she […]