Global warming and hurricanes

an aerial shot of the destruction of Idai

Tropical cyclone Idai: The storm that knew no boundaries

The recent storms provide a grim reminder of the prospect of future tropical cyclones in a region under continued threat from climate change.

Satellite mapping image of Hurricane Michael making landfall in Florida

Warming ocean waters turned Hurricane Michael into a superstorm

Climate Change
GOES-16 three hurricanes

Humanity has entered a global warming minefield, climate scientists say

Hurricane Irma destroyed home

As seas warm, small island states face a dangerous future

El Niño Makes Atlantic hurricanes less likely.

Welcome to the ‘Double El Niño’ — and more extreme weather


Storm expert says climate change may have played a big role in Typhoon Haiyan after all


Atmospheric scientist and tropical storm expert Kerry Emanuel has taken a deeper look at the possible influence of climate change on supertyphoon Haiyan, and has found that global warming may have had a good deal more to do with the storm’s intensity than he originally thought.

Can Hurricane Hype be a Danger to Public Safety?

Natural disasters require an incredible effort on the part of medical professionals, police, fire departments, Good Samaritans – and the media. Reporting on storms, especially hurricanes, means much more to media outlets than simple public safety information. These storms can mean big ratings, major awards, and they can make or break a reporter’s career – […]

Katrina’s Carbon Cost

As well as the human cost of Hurricane Katrina, the forests of the Gulf Coast lost millions of trees – and that’s having a big impact on the amount of carbon being absorbed from the atmosphere.

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Storm Brewing

As forecasters predict another whirlwind hurricane season, scientists and policymakers are wrestling over possible links to global warming.

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Emerging Science Note/Northeast Forecast: Big Hurricanes

Scientists predict an intense hurricane for the northeastern part of the country this year due to warm water temperatures linked to climate change.